Mould Design

We have a batch of skilled designers who are proficient in the design software such as UG, AutoCAD, Solidworks etc.. We can exactly express the design purpose of our customer from design idea to the form of products concept, then to one time molding of metaphase construction assembly. With the advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software, we collaborate closely with our customers on all aspects of the programs so as to develop the best designed molds that are easy to maintain and plastic components that are cost-effective to produce.


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Using Solidworks, Unigrahics and AutoCAD for product design and mold design. Solidworks and Unigrahics possess the capability of direct part line processing from product 3D model. The assembly drawing is generated from defining parameters for standard components of mold base, insert parts, slides. The design is completed in a 3D environment and the drawings can be generated in 2D format.

Mold flow




Mold flow

We use a variety of Mold flow analyses early in the project cycle. Plastics Advisor provides a quick assessment of a part‘s ability to be filled based on specific material grade and gate locations. Parts with fill issues or inconclusive data output may undergo more advanced analysis that takes into account additional variables for more comprehensive results. It will offer to mold designer the best reference solution and greatly reduce the tooling and moulding development lead time.