Quality Control

We perform strict QC measures following ISO 9001,TS16949 standards. The QC system includes QC, IQC, IPQC and QA. The experienced QC team is equipped with advanced machinery. We also have strict supplier apporval procedure to ensure all the materials used in our products satisfy customers requirements. Besides, the R&D department provides technical support throughout the entire production process.
All sampling and testing used for acceptance of material is required to be conducted by a Qualified Technician.
Quality control chart should be filled daily by related QC and confirmed by supervisor.The equipment furnished for testing is required to be properly calibrated and maintained within the calibration limits described in the applicable test method.
Ango Mould takes the quality as our first task. We have consummated quality control system, ISO and environment management, it mainly includes the 4 sections.
1.Technical measurement,
A The measuring tools management, make sure all measurement instruments and equipments are properly calibrated and maintained.
B Products measurements.
2. Making incoming inspection working instruction, for example, to check the steel, the mould base, the standard components, the ejectors etc.
3. Mould inspection and checking before delivery, to make sure to meet the requirements, and avoid the potential issues.
4. Processing inspection, including, electrodes measurement, machining tools measurement, hardness and surface checking after the heat treatment


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